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The Lady Barrister Podcast

Episode 01 - Michelle McVittie

Michelle McVittie (momthemanager.ca), is a family and corporate consultant, child life specialist, speaker, author of “I Quit! Oh Wait, I’m the Mom” (www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/i…item.html)and and host of "Life with Children (www.cable14.com/people/michelle-mcvittie) in Hamilton, Ontario.

The Lady Barrister Podcast

Episode 02 - Douglas Judson

Douglas W. Judson (www.douglasjudson.ca/) is a lawyer and member of municipal council of the Town of Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada. He is the President of the Rainy River District Law Association, and as Co-Chair of the Borderland Pride festival (www.borderlandpride.org/)

The Lady Barrister Podcast

Episode 03 - Chris Farias

Chris Farias said it best on his website (chrisfarias.com/) when he states that he "founded a badass branding agency and dressed as a curly-haired drag queen to read to children." He is also responsible for the  "Gayest Cake Ever". See it here: www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilto…clusivity-1.4457872